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Client introduction

Global Learning London collaborates with schools and the community to promote a global perspective on equality, justice, and sustainability in a multicultural and interdependent world.

Website redesign

The website needed to have different functions, to show who they are and what they do, provide resources, and offer training and consultancy. Instead of adding more pages, we had to try and filter the information and make the structure as simple as possible, which resulted in a simplified sitemap. 

We wanted to maintain the visual elements of shapes and colours, these elements were important to convey their personality which is cheerful, educational, and diverse. 

Business cards with design
Pin buttons
Global learning london logo animation


We created a bold visual language based on letters and shapes that represent the learning aspect of this organization while maintaining their play- and youthfulness. This in combination with the colour scheme truly made the brand come to life and give it that punch and attention it deserves. 

We have delivered these elements as building blocks on which they can further build on and easily use for their social media and other touch points.

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