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Client introduction

Zazu Africa is a Fintech company that is trying to change the financial landscape in Africa. This consists mainly out of their money managing app and their text-based educational program.

Zazu website mobile screenshots

Website redesign

We were inspired by clean and colourful websites that presented their information in a structured way which made it easier to digest. Following their mission statement and goals, I created a basic structure that would allow them to display their features and brand personality. From there on, we decided to thin out the amount of information that was given and incorporated the final elements. 

It was very important that the website connected with its target group. Keeping in mind that most people that are using their app don't have the newest iPhone and don't trust financial institutions.


Our solutions to these problems were to make sure that Mastercard was visually shown and mentioned, as this guarantees their legitimacy and increases trust.

By using images of older mobile phones we were able to show the clients that the app is all-inclusive, meaning that it's accessible to everyone, no matter the make and age of their phones. 

Zazu homepage screenshots

Password reset 

The problem

In the previous password reset flow, many clients often got stuck at the forgot login details screen. There was no way to recuperate their login details if they forgot both username and password. Resetting in this case, had to be done by customer service but there wasn't a straightforward way of contacting them. 


Different documents for business accounts. 
The verification process of business accounts is different from personal accounts as there are other documents involved. 

Non-verified accounts aren't registered. 
Zazu cannot determine if a user is verified or not until they log in. 

No way to connect to customer service. 
Clients had to exit the app and search for the customer service number elsewhere. 

The account is registered under the username.
The account is only registered under the username and not the mobile number.

No way to recuperate forgotten username and password.
Clients could only recuperate one of the two. 

Email verification app flow
App screens of email and security question password reset
App screens of verified and unverified users password reset


After researching password reset flows of competitors, I explored different solutions and presented them to the team. Iterations had to be made based on the points below. 

No two-factor login.
We weren't able to incorporate a two-factor login as this would affect the sign-up process and most importantly, in this part of the world not everyone possesses an email address. 

Security questions.
Dismissed because this would slow down the onboarding flow. 


After creating the final flow, I was able to create the screens where I simplified the process without creating a multitude of screens for separate occasions. Together with the customer service and developers team, we were able to align our expectations and solutions to come up with the final product. 

Forgot details flow
Final password reset screens


One of the most identifiable elements of the Zazu branding is its illustration style and presence. The illustrations make it easier for people to understand the complicated financial topics, while the colours and design leave an approachable and friendly impression. 

I've created many illustrations and GIFs that have been used for social media posts, reports, point-of-sale packaging, animations, etc. 

Illustration of woman reading the newspaper in the morning
Zazu mastercard illustration
Two women transferring money money through phones illustration
NFS in your hand illustration
Card falling into a phone illustration

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