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UI design



Client introduction

Zazu Africa is a Fintech company that is trying to change the financial landscape in Africa. This consists mainly out of their money managing app and their text-based educational program.


Website redesign

We were inspired by clean and colourful websites that presented their information in a structured way which made it easier to digest. Following their mission statement and goals, I created a basic structure that would allow them to display their features and brand personality. From there on, we decided to thin out the amount of information that was given and incorporated the final elements. 

It was very important that the website connected with its target group. Keeping in mind that most people that are using their app don't have the newest iPhone and don't trust financial institutions.


Our solutions to these problems were to make sure that Mastercard was visually shown and mentioned, as this guarantees their legitimacy and increases trust.

By using images of older mobile phones we were able to show the clients that the app is all-inclusive, meaning that it's accessible to everyone, no matter the make and age of their phones. 


Password reset 

The task was to create the password reset flow and screens. Resetting your password had to be done manually by the customer service employees, to speed up the process I was tasked with this assignment.

I started with creating a user flow for which I had to explore multiple options while keeping in mind that customer service still had to be involved as certain processes had to go through them. Simultaneously, I worked together with the Dev team to align our expectations and solutions.  



One of the most identifiable elements of the Zazu branding is its illustration style and presence. The illustrations make it easier for people to understand the complicated financial topics, while the colours and design leave an approachable and friendly impression. 

I've created many illustrations and GIFs that have been used for social media posts, reports, point-of-sale packaging, animations, etc. 

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