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Client introduction

Nationwide Accommodation Services (NACCS) fill the gap in the property market between the varying housing needs of local authorities and landlords who seek hassle-free rental solutions. 


The task at hand was to refresh their branding by creating a new identity that would fit better with their goals and growth, and re-designing their website that would improve their online presence. 

Mobile screenshots

Website redesign

In this case, the website structure was already given and the client knew exactly what they wanted. I started my approach by researching their competitors and looking for opportunities to improve. There were three areas:


  • By adding a testimonial section with comments from real people and/or businesses, we were able to add more credibility to their company. 
  • By highlighting their blog section, they are able to show that they are continuously active. 
  • By placing the logos of the companies they work with, in a visually strategic place, their clients can verify their legitimacy.

Facilitate contacting

  • By making clear CTA banners/buttons that are strategically placed, so that their clients are delicately reminded of their services. 


  • By using images of real people, their clients will feel better connected with the brand. 
  • Adding more whitespace makes the design less heavy on the eye and the information easier to digest. 


Together with the team, we started from scratch. We wanted to maintain the main brand colour, purple. From there on we continued with the logo and created the colour palette. The goal was to create a friendly and approachable brand that would appeal to young professionals. 

Illustration of a neighbourhood
two lanyards with NACCS design
Business card design


I elaborated on the design and created custom illustrations with a playful aesthetic to create a unique marketing visual language. The GIFs highlight some of their main selling points: rent & property guarantee, management & maintenance, and turnkey solution. 

Illustration of a house burning pounds through the chimney
Illustration of a van
Illustration of a turning key in a house

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